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Luther Blackburn Kirk

The story of Hemlock Falls began in 1997 when our family became “mountain folk” and built a house next to our new neighbor Luther Blackburn Kirk. Mr. Kirk was a retired teacher and World War II veteran who was born and raised 15 minutes away in Grundy County. He was a feisty mountain man who loved the peace and tranquility of nature. He also had a love for gardening, animals, and the occasional bottle of Evan Williams whiskey. He was a bachelor with no children so he entertained our two young children Meghan and Mason when he spent his summers at the cabin. He was always torn between two loves; the ocean and the mountain. He returned to his home in St. Petersburg, Florida during the winter months after he had enjoyed the “first fire” of the season in the cabin’s fireplace.

In 2013, our daughter wrote a letter to Mr. Kirk telling him how much she had enjoyed growing up with her brother on the mountain and going over to his bluff when she needed to think or pray. She told him of her dream to return to the serenity of the bluff view when she completed her medical education at college and that if he ever wanted to sell the cabin that she had always been in love with, she hoped he would give her first option to buy.

In 2014, Mr. Kirk passed away but prior to his passing, he made arrangements to honor our daughter’s request by giving us an offer to buy the property we now call Hemlock Falls. He wished for his ashes too be dispersed at Hemlock Falls with the ashes of his cherished friend and caretaker Nancy when her time to join him has come. Nancy accompanied him at the cabin for several summers and we are comforted by the thought that the spirit of Luther and Nancy will find rest here on the mountain again one day.